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We make sure your loved one gets to where they need to go safely. We take care of all the travel arrangements. Updates, changes, or delays are managed by our CARE team so that you can take the worry and concern off your plate. Common transports include: To treatment as a stand-alone transport or combined with an intervention, or from one a facility to another.


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Take the opportunity to plan for recovery protection and redefined boundaries in the safety of these sessions. Carefrontations has been privileged to help families with Recovery Protection sessions privately and in a variety of treatment centers’ Family Programs. The positive feedback confirms that helping families face what’s coming next is vital to their relationships in recovery.


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The return home from treatment is laced with expectations and sometimes uncertainty. Your peace of mind is at stake. The primary threats that stand between success and failure in recovery are best addressed with your loved one and the family together. These two-day tailored private family sessions will address your unique situation. Your impact becomes part of the solution at this pivotal junction. Break through to begin or fortify reconciliation, enlarge accountability, redefine boundaries, and put recovery protection into your game-plan.

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