The Story of Your Family

Can Change from Tense to Tender

When You Care Enough to Confront


Launching Point

Carefrontations can motivate your loved one to agree to get help…when it was potentially the furthest thing from their mind.
Intervention Checklist

Treatment Experience

Carefrontations strength based letters, contrasting quality/ thorn lists, and boundary statements provide a clinical team helpful tools to engage your loved one.

Relapse Prevention

Carefrontations stands as a powerful reference point for your loved one to draw from long after the event.

About Us

Changing the story from despair to relief for families impacted by the wide array of dysfunctions and addictions, Scott and Jenny Graham have been facilitating interventions and transports since 1988. They are both in recovery and are seasoned and trusted interventionists, keynote speakers, radio guests and authors with an unparalleled reputation in the treatment field.
With over three decades of experience, Scott and Jenny have helped thousands of families like yours overcome the obstacles they faced with a success rate greater than 90 percent. They have done this by providing support, safety, and guidance before, during and after their services.



Changing Your Families Story

The Intervention is an intimate two-day legacy changer. This meeting will allow your loved one to hear your heart and concern.
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Trust us to Transport

We make sure your loved one gets to where they need to go safely. We take care of all the travel arrangements.
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Family Recovery

Recovery for You

Take the opportunity to plan for recovery protection, redefined boundaries, and strategies for success in the safety of these..
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What’s Next

Overcome the Obstacles 

The return home from treatment is laced with expectations and sometimes uncertainty. Your peace of mind is at stake.
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