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Changing the story from despair to relief for families impacted by the wide array of dysfunctions and addictions, Scott and Jenny Graham have been facilitating interventions and transports across the United States and Canada since 1988. They are both in recovery and are seasoned and trusted interventionists, keynote speakers, radio guests and authors with an unparalleled reputation in the treatment field.


With over three decades of experience, Scott and Jenny have helped thousands of families like yours overcome the obstacles they faced with a success rate greater than 90 percent. They have done this by providing support, safety and guidance before, during and after interventions, transports, family programs, and with their signature sessions of Recovery Protection and Reverse Carefrontations.


Scott is a certified Chemical Dependency Professional. As an adjunct college level instructor, he taught drug and alcohol counselor certification course work. Scott worked as a counselor in both inpatient and outpatient treatment as well as in private practice. In addition to teaching and counseling, Scott has worked as a program director in chemical dependency treatment.  Scott and Jenny have both worked in the public-school system as Intervention Specialists at the middle and high school levels, and are both  Certified Counselors. They have been privileged to be trainers for “The Recovery Foundation”, and for “Living Works”, the largest global training organization for Suicide Intervention.


Prior to Scott’s work in this field, he was an undercover vice/narcotics deputy in the West Hollywood area for the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department. During that time, West Hollywood was the highest crime rated area per capita in all of Los Angeles County. That experience, without a doubt, has added unique perspective to the varied dynamics encountered in their intervention work.


Independently and objectively, they receive referrals from outpatient and inpatient programs, hospitals, public schools, churches, county and state agencies, Tribal governments, therapists, private and public as well as federal organizations throughout the US including SAMHSA and NEDA.


The Carefrontations CARE Team:

As a vital member of the CARE team, Terry Bonner provides transport and sober escort services. Having a military police background and experience working with violent youths in the inpatient setting, his calm demeanor is the antithesis of the upheaval and uneasiness your loved one is most likely experiencing. Terry is a trained recovery coach, author, speaker, American Christian Counseling Association member, and an ordained Pastor. Terry is also available for international travel when the need for our services spans the globe.


The Care team’s extensive experience can sift through your crisis situation and help you determine the next best step to take. The ability for you to enlist their help for your family’s recovery story is just a phone call away.

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