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Carefrontation Intervention

An intervention is a rescue mission that offers help and change to someone you care about.

When is the right time to perform an intervention?

There is never going to be the perfect time to stage an intervention. To wait until your loved one seems “ready,” can be too late. To wait for them to hit “rock bottom” before getting help is inviting disaster to take place. The idea that a person has to hit rock bottom before getting help is a myth. Many addicts, alcoholics, and eating disordered loved ones simply don’t believe they are worthy of seeking help and might not get the help without your intervention. Don’t wait for them to ask for help, become part of the solution to bring about a change.


Carefrontation Transport Video

Carefrontations can help make sure your loved one gets to where they need to go safely. Scenarios include: to treatment, facility to facility transfer, sober escort on a pass, and home after treatment is completed.

A frequently asked question when it comes to going to treatment after an intervention process is; who will accompany them during the transport? Trust us to transport. When you work with Carefrontations, we take care of the travel arrangements, the transportation process, and escort your loved one to where they need to go with all details, updates to you, and to the facility as well as all changes navigated with ease by us so that you can take the worry and concern off your plate.


Carefrontation Intervention

The Carefrontations team facilitates two-day family sessions both privately and in the treatment center family programing setting. A fundamentally different scenario from an intervention taking place is when your loved one has been clear of a destructive behavior or clean and sober for at least a few and ideally six weeks.

The benefit of doing family workshops at this phase is that your loved one’s perception of the unhealthy behaviors and the impact of the disease is going to be different than it was in the beginning of treatment. This ability for your loved one to hear you affords families a unique opportunity to gain traction in healing, reconciling, expectations, and boundary setting. Families equipped with tools to walk through future challenges can head those challenges off at the pass.


Reverse Carefrontations

REVERSE Carefrontations involves focus on how people EXIT treatment, with the continued goal to change lives and prevent relapse.
“REVERSE CAREFRONTATIONS” strategies are for those discharging from treatment who would benefit from having an accountability partner or mentor to begin the recovery process outside of the safety net of treatment. We choose the word REVERSE because it is opposite of the intervention paradigm of concerned family initiating an opportunity for their wayward loved one to accept help. Now picture after treatment has happened and recovery has begun, our Reverse Carefrontations model unfolds over the course of two, three, even possibly four days like this;
Carefrontations has either transported a client home or are meeting them on their home turf upon their exit from treatment. Possibly combined with the basic sober coaching duties of setting up and executing a daily schedule, the Reverse Carefrontations primary work focuses on a unique specialized letter writing and sharing process. Prior to writing letters, multiple orientations are conducted; some separate and some together with loved ones to accommodate relational dynamics for the best results. Face to face, phone, Skype, and whatever variety of media appropriate is utilized. Reconciliation, amends, and acknowledgment of a life long commitment towards recovery, renewed hope, vision, stabilization of relapse predictors, and rearrangement of boundaries are central to the work for all involved. Since a lack of forgiveness and bitterness stand as primary threats to success in sobriety, these tender areas are addressed by Carefrontations through Reverse Carefrontations.
Primary goal of a Reverse Carefrontation is to change relapse from being all too common among those who leave treatment to becoming the exception instead of the norm. Those leaving treatment can have concrete help to dismantle the obstacles. People can leave treatment confidently and discover that life outside the cocoon of treatment can be extremely challenging, but also extremely rewarding.
Details for your specific situation and how Carefrontations can help those leaving treatment to establish their recovery beyond behavior modification to a life of transformation and freedom are a phone call away. Carefrontations has been changing the norms of when and how people ENTER treatment, both for the patient and for the family since 1988. We help people get into treatment sooner by facilitating powerful interventions and safe escorts. Facilitating our unique Carefrontations model at the front end will continue to change lives and norms one life at a time. Now with our attention additionally turned to how people EXIT treatment via Reverse Carefrontations, we are expanding the mission to change lives and norms one life at a time.