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Help your loved one’s

Welcome to Carefrontations

A two day intervention process designed to create a choice point to change

Developed and utilized since 1988, it is a teaching model for healthy communication for difficult situations. With intention, we set out to wake up some part of your loved one that went dormant. Prior to an intervention, the best part of them can be in hibernation. They have forgotten who they really are and that they are loved! Our goal to rescue the piece and peace that has been hijacked is central to our process.

Your Carefrontations team can involve family, friends, and possibly others from a work setting. Care and concern is the common denominator. We can compel your loved one to get help for your sake… Before they believe they are enough to get help for themselves.

Scott & Jenny Graham

Unlock Hope

It starts with a phone call 844-588-3267

Our trained team imparts hope and instruction to

begin the intervention planning process.

We help you decide who should participate,

treatment options, when and where the

preparation and the intervention will occur.

Unlock CHANGE today


  • Launching Point

    Carefrontations can motivate your loved one to agree to get help…when it was potentially the furthest thing from their mind

  • Treatment Experience

    Carefrontations strength based letters, thorn lists and boundary statements provide a clinical team helpful tools to engage your loved one

  • Relapse Prevention

    Carefrontations stands as a powerful reference point for your loved one to draw from long after the event


  • Intervention

    Unlock Hope and Change

    For alcohol, substance abuse, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, video gaming, gambling, pornography and other unhealthy behaviors.
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  • Transport

    Trust us to Transport

    To treatment, on a pass, from treatment to home, sober living or another treatment setting. Carefrontations can make sure your loved one gets to where they need to go safely.
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  • Family Recovery

    Recovery for You

    For relapse prevention, reconciliation, boundary setting, and a new beginning.

    Gain the tools you need to walk through future challenges.
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  • Reverse Carefrontations

    Paradigm Shift

    Focuses on how one exits treatment, enhancing the goal to change lives, re-enter relationships and prevent relapse.
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