What Others Are Saying

“I am a therapist at a drug and alcohol treatment center. Scott and Jenny have done many interventions that resulted in clients coming to treatment at our center and saving those client’s lives. They are great at what they do: compassionate, knowledgable, and effective.” – Eric Huenefeld Counseling (Kirkland, WA)

“The name says it call- Carefrontations! Scott is amazing and has a way of reaching people who are in need of change.” – Kenneth England Therapy (Thousand Oaks, CA)

“Knowledge and expertise of the delicate patient population involved…” – Dr. Gene Ouellette (Holliston, MA)

“I can say a million great things about Carefrontations. If you have a loved one struggling with addiction or mental health please give them a call.” – Justin Zampino (Laguna Beach, CA)

“Scott is incredibly proficient, insightful and skilled at what he does. I have seen his ability to artfully guide a very difficult, tension-filled conversation into the best possible outcome for the health of an individual and family.” – Matthew (Sedro Woolley, WA)

“It has been a few years now, and I still remember Scott’s scale and helping us present our concern to our son. He was so effective with his methods, there was only a small moment when my sonThought of backing out instead of moving forward. And he has never mentioned it.” – Susan Kaufman (Virginia Beach, VA)

“Excellent at intervention” Melanie Spritz (Boynton Beach, FL)

“Scott and Jenny are caring, compassionate and effective. I’m blessed to have partnered with them and fully recommend them for working with families and loved ones affected by substance use disorder and behavioral health.” – Kyle Infante (Woodville, TX)

“This compassionate practitioner is perfect for this kind and effective approach.” – Holly Sherman (Los Angeles, CA)

“I have known Scott and Jenny for 3 decades and we have done many interventions together over the years. Scott and Jenny are the best at what they do. They are professional, loving and caring. As result, they are extremely successful. I highly recommend them!” – John Jenks (Ojai, CA)

“Scott and Jenny Graham truly care about those they are invited to help through very challenging life interventions. They are both highly trained and experienced as well as responsive. On the shortest of notice they are by your side, calmly preparing and assisting you in your preparation as well as implementation to direct the needed intervention. Nationally connected, they will recommend the appropriate care-center for your specific need… Both or individually this couple will help you achieve your goal to redirect the life of the one you love.” – Richard Jaffe (Newport Beach, CA)

“Outstanding people that put caring about and helping others above all else.” – Kelly Seidlitz (Malibu, CA)

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