Treatment for families outside of treatment

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Just finished team teaching with jenny at promises for the family program. We had close to thirty family members ranging from moms, dads, sisters, wife’s, and husbands all there because they love and care for the ones in treatment. Our two day family relapse prevention workshops are designed to help the addict/alcoholic realize how valued they are despite their afflictions. The workshop is designed to put a healthy voice in the head of the addict so they know the family, the ones who love them the most, will always be there provided they stay the course of recovery. We help the families write powerful letters on day one and then read them on day two to the ones in treatment. We’ve been doing this workshop for over three years at Northbound treatment services in Costa Mesa, ca, and promises in Santa Monica for almost a year once a month. The feedback from the families and ones in treatment has been uplifting and powerful. Today we were reminded that the families are still sometimes unhealthy, and have unrealistic expectations for the ones still working problems out in treatment. My group of twenty something’s. was great, but jenny’s was difficult for a couple of the families. Assumptions, and unrealistic expectations hurt the process, but the struggles can be therapeutically addressed, and resolutions can take place provided everyone wants to work out their differences. Recovery like potential relapse is a process and not an event. Time can be a friend not the enemy provided awareness is up, motivation is real, and healthy mindfulness is utilized. Our workshop provided strategies for possible relapse, and has proven effective as past participants have said the letters not only reminded them of important facts to stay the course in recovery, but the letters also literally saved their lives.

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