The Importance Of Family

 In Intervention / Carefrontations / Scott and Jenny Graham

Families often get the short end of the stick when a loved one is needing and seeking treatment. Drugs, alcohol, and mental disorders are the only high morbidity rated health issues where the family either is to blame, enables the problem, or gets cut out of the treatment process. With confidentiality laws as they are, if the patient doesn’t want a family member to know the status of progress of lack thereof, they aren’t told. This has got to change. If the treatment and recovery community call this serious problem a family disease, than the whole family needs to be effectively treated. We at Carefrontations are very focused on this truth because we know the importance of family. Through out intervention work we educate the families, help through valuable process time, and implement reconciliation when necessary. Through our family relapse prevention work we do the same thing. We also facilitate healthy family systems work through our Reverse Carefrontations. Please look at our service tabs for more information.

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