Suicide by Hanging

 In Intervention / Carefrontations / Scott and Jenny Graham

Yesterday I prepared a family for an intervention that was supposed to happen today for their son, but tragically, after the preparation, they went home to find that their 28 year old daughter had hung herself in their garage. I was on my way home when I got the call from the hysterical mom asking if I could come back. I told her to call 911 and they would handle everything. I have been witness to many suicides from my law enforcement days in West Hollywood. I didn’t want to go back to their house because the one I was going to intervene on was there. He was the one who found his sister. Needless to say our intervention is postponed until the funeral and the emotions settle. It’s a catch 22 though because the son, who we were planning an intervention for the next day, had attempted suicide by hanging himself a few months ago, so he’s at high risk for a repeat attempt. The mother still wanted to do the intervention but the family trumped her and decided to wait. Such a tragic reminder of the seriousness of mental health issues combined with substance abuse. The mom was so strong but probably still in shock. Her faith was definitely carrying her up to this point. More to follow after the intervention takes place…

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