Relapse Intervention

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Intervention doesn’t only take place prior to treatment. Sometimes it needs to take place while someone is in recovery, when the likelihood of relapse is inevitable. Today I did a relapse intervention on a 24 year old recovering heroin addict. She went through inpatient treatment and eight months of continuing care. After all that time she still didn’t hate heroin therefore she was still inticed by it. Her family sensed she was in relapse mode and wanted to do everything possible to prevent it and that’s why we did the intervention. Our hope was she’d say yes to individual counseling. The minute I walked in she freaked out. She started crying and wanted to immediately leave. We wouldn’t let her leave and she freaked out even more. She yelled and kicked and hit me but we didn’t back down. Finally she calmed down and let her family read their letters and she agreed to see a therapist. She apologized for being so mean and shared she did want help. Everyone is cautiously optimistic and as always, time will tell.

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