Oklahoma addict

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Just finished transporting a 58 year old opiate addict from Oklahoma to San Antonio Texas to treatment. It was a beautiful intervention with seven participants. As always the group was uncertain of how he would respond. He is chronically late, and doesn’t get up early, but as it usually unfolds he was late to an appoint,met to get more pain meds, and walked out of his bedroom ready to rush out. Instead he walked into the group in the living room where I introduced myself, and got him to sit down. He started by telling us “this better be quick”. The entire intervention went as smooth as could be, and he said yes to help without hesitation. We had two flights from Oklahoma to get to San Antonio. He needed a wheelchair to get around that actually made it easier because I didn’t have to wait for him. I got to push him everywhere. He now begins the journey of healing, and hopefully freedom from pain meds, meth, heroin, and who know what else. It’s time for him to plug back into life, and really start living instead of being imprisoned by drug addiction and all the unhealthy behavior that goes with it. It’s always such a blessing to be part of this incredible process. The family is beyond grateful and has real hope for the first time in years. These last two days changed their life’s forever, and mine too.

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