No Free Lunch

 In Intervention / Carefrontations / Scott and Jenny Graham

Today is a sad day. My nephew was buried today after only 29 years of life lived. He was bigger than life, and he wanted his body to match his personality. He abused steroids for ten years and it finally took its toll by destroying his internal organs so much so that he had the organs of an eighty year old man. He left a wife and two young children behind and an entire extended family in mourning. Steroids, like drugs and alcohol, kill. There is no free lunch, eventually payment is due, and for my nephew it was today. No high, no bigger body, nothing is worth sacrificing your life for a temporary fix especially when it’s driven by emotional or mental voids in ones life. It’s never easy to lose someone you love, but it’s even harder when the cause of death was preventable. If I’ve learned anything it’s not to enable or be in denial of the problem. Speak your truth, do it in a healthy way, and in doing so you’ll have done what you can, and then it’s up to the individual to make the changes necessary toward a healthier life style. Death sucks for those left behind.

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