My first intervention

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As a new member of the Carefrontations team, I had the pleasure of observing one of Scott’s interventions this last week (my first intervention). I was given the opportunity to experience the essence of what a “carefrontation” is all about, from start to finish, and I am left in awe. The preparation day was a 6 hour meeting with 10 family members of a middle aged woman struggling with an addiction to alcohol. This meeting was beautifully led as the focus and strength of the group came together. The mantra and theme of the prep was “waking up what’s right in her” instead of focusing on the past, the negative and the ugly. With Scott’s lead, the team of family members each produced a beautiful letter of passion, love and concern. The following day, the family members along with Scott and myself met at the family’s home to read their carefully written letters. Each of them took their turn, kneeling or sitting at her feet and making physical contact to be sure she did not feel threatened. As her friends, mother, husband and children read their emotional letters she listened carefully, never objecting. Emotions were raw, real and yet amazingly peaceful at the same time. Everyone in the room had tears rolling down their cheeks, including Scott and myself. When the letters were finished, Scott presented the treatment plan. After some calm discussion of the details would work out, she agreed to receive the help being offered to her. Before I started training with Carefrontations, I imagined an intervention being a pretty negative experience. I pictured yelling and screaming, running away and locking oneself in the bathroom. I’m amazed that this was not the case. It was peaceful and carried out with love, compassion and forgiveness.

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