The Intervention is an intimate two-day legacy changer. This meeting will allow your loved one to hear your heart and concern. With a newfound peace, you can be confident that you did everything within your power to compel the one you love to get help.


When is the right time to perform an intervention? Now is the right time. All of the things that run through your mind, the thoughts that could become a reality if something doesn’t prevent them, deserve to be faced. Your strength and courage will be activated through this simple yet life-changing process.


Who should be at an intervention? Invite people you trust. The intervention team consists of people who either are, or were once important to your loved one. Consider who you would ask to speak at their funeral.


What about the enabler? Enablers are often having their own needs met through the relationship with the one you are concerned about. They are inadvertently loving them to death. The intervention preparation meeting can lead the enabler to new realizations. This can redirect their strategy to instead, love them to life.


Why is the Carefrontations method different? This method turns your dread into anticipation. Participants become a backbone of strength and hope when their loved one is running on empty. Carefrontations can be your personal sounding board in the planning stage, your guide in the middle, and provide support after the event. You can count on the continuity of our care.

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