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In San Antonio for a gaming intervention today. Tomorrow is the preparation and Monday is the intervention. This young man is spending most every waking hours plugged into the computer gaming. He’s plugged in yet completely disconnected from his family, the ones who truly love him.

(Update) The intervention was on Monday, and after the young man was summoned home from work because his mom, “needed to talk to him”, the rest of the team and myself walked into the front door unannounced and walked into the living room where he was sitting. He looked a little bewildered as we entered the room, but remained sitting as I introduced myself after a handshake. He agreed to listen to everyone without interrupting knowing we were going to talk after they were done reading their six letters. The intervention had many tender moments, laughs, and serious notes as we woke up what was right with him. Next to childbirth, and death, this is as real as it gets. Everyone spoke their truth in a non-judgmental way with love as the backbone of their delivery. Once the last letter was read I asked him if he felt loved, if he agreed that he was struggling, and if he was ready for a change. He said yes to all three questions. I explained where he was going, for how long, and what to expect. Without objection he said, “let’s do it”. You could cut the joy with a knife. We headed to the airport after he packed, and flew to our destination. He his now in day two of treatment. After thousands of interventions, I’m still awe-struck by the power of love, and truth when it’s delivered by a unified group of people who really care. Love this work!

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