• Call to secure an admissions date with the treatment and/or detox center to secure a bed as an “INTERVENTION ADMISSION”. Clarify your financial obligations with them to prevent misunderstanding or assumption.
  • Call to confirm Carefrontations availability to provide services on those dates.  Toll free 844.588.3267 or 360.387.6821
  • Put your intervention team together. The team consists of people who either are, or were once important to your loved one. Consider who you would ask to speak at their funeral. Only invite people you trust to not say anything about the intervention to anyone.
  • Ask each participant to review our website:
  • Confirm a time and place with Carefrontations for the preparation. Some ideas are to meet in a quiet home or in a hotel suite. Long distance participants can take part via Zoom or by phone. If anyone from the team is second guessing their participation, try asking them to just commit to the preparation. Bring laptops or tablets to the prep meeting.
  • Brainstorm about an intervention location and a reason to get in front of your loved one. Somewhere other than where they live is preferred, but certainly not a necessity.
  • Block out enough time. Be sure the team understands the preparation can take up to six hours and the intervention on the next day can take almost two hours. Sometimes a participant can come to a smaller portion of the meetings.
  • No one needs to prepare a letter in advance before the preparation session. We will accomplish everything at the preparation for the intervention. An exception would be a long-distance participant who cannot make it to the preparation yet will be part of the intervention via phone or Zoom. In this case, we will prepare them over the phone and by email.
  • Reconfirm with the treatment and/or detox facility to finalize any financial arrangements and other admission/packing list criteria.
  • Please inform Carefrontations regarding your method of payment prior to our services. We accept: cash, check, VISA, MASTER CARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Zelle, and wire transfers. Payment is collected at the preparation.

**Prior to the intervention, be prepared for your loved one to act in a way or say something that might cause you or the team to second guess the decision to intervene.  When they sense they have crossed a line they react by cleaning up, as a temporary fix.  Decide to intervene anyway or risk ending up right back where you started, frustrated.**

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