The Importance of Family

Jenny and I are getting ready for day two of our relapse prevention family workshop at Promises. We’ve been facilitating this workshop now for almost four years, and every time we’re [...]

Suicide by Hanging

Yesterday I prepared a family for an intervention that was supposed to happen today for their son, but tragically, after the preparation, they went home to find that their 28 year old daughter [...]

No Free Lunch

Today is a sad day. My nephew was buried today after only 29 years of life lived. He was bigger than life, and he wanted his body to match his personality. He abused steroids for ten years and it [...]

Relapse Intervention

Intervention doesn’t only take place prior to treatment. Sometimes it needs to take place while someone is in recovery, when the likelihood of relapse is inevitable. Today I did a relapse [...]

Rescue Mission

Every intervention truly is a rescue mission. I did another intervention in Olympia, Washington over the weekend. He argued and delayed for more than an hour but eventually agreed to the help and [...]

Boulder Blowout

I went to Boulder Colorado over the weekend to do a very difficult intervention. It was for a forty year old who is financially independent. He lost all touch with reality from doing to many [...]

Gamer turns to drugs after one year of sobriety

I met a 20 year old once again for an intervention yesterday after intervening on him more than a year ago for his gaming addiction. He did great for the past year, and remained in treatment this [...]

The Importance Of Family

Families often get the short end of the stick when a loved one is needing and seeking treatment. Drugs, alcohol, and mental disorders are the only high morbidity rated health issues where the [...]

Oklahoma addict

Just finished transporting a 58 year old opiate addict from Oklahoma to San Antonio Texas to treatment. It was a beautiful intervention with seven participants. As always the group was uncertain [...]

Another one says yes

As I sit in the Seattle Tacoma international airport boardroom with the latest man I’m taking to treatment in california after an awesome intervention I’m reminded of how precious [...]

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