Boulder Blowout

 In Intervention / Carefrontations / Scott and Jenny Graham

I went to Boulder Colorado over the weekend to do a very difficult intervention. It was for a forty year old who is financially independent. He lost all touch with reality from doing to many psycadillic drugsHis family was fearful he would blow up during the intervention, and that’s exactly what he did. He pushed me when I tried to calm him down, and he had to be subdued for everyone’s safety. He ended up in the psych ward for an invouluntary hold where he’ll be evaluated regarding his mental competence. He will not go to treatment on his own, but will hopefully be court ordered into treatment. It was a crazy scene, but it was an event that had to happen to get him where he needed to be. The family was trying to get him in front of a psych doctor for a long time, and in one fell swoop we accomplished it. Sometimes things don’t go as you want them to, but the end result is what you want. Once again I know to trust the carefrontations process because it delivers results.

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