Another one says yes

As I sit in the Seattle Tacoma international airport boardroom with the latest man I’m taking to treatment in california after an awesome intervention I’m reminded of how precious [...]

Treatment for families outside of treatment

Just finished team teaching with jenny at promises for the family program. We had close to thirty family members ranging from moms, dads, sisters, wife’s, and husbands all there because [...]

Gaming Intervention

In San Antonio for a gaming intervention today. Tomorrow is the preparation and Monday is the intervention. This young man is spending most every waking hours plugged into the computer gaming. [...]

My first intervention

As a new member of the Carefrontations team, I had the pleasure of observing one of Scott’s interventions this last week (my first intervention). I was given the opportunity to experience [...]

First Intervention of 2015

I had my first intervention of 2015, for a woman suffering from the consequences of alcohol abuse. She has a huge family so ten people read their letters, and she listened to each and every one [...]

20 Years Later

A few days ago I received a call from a family that I helped twenty years ago. The intervention was successful, and the father had passed away sober. Now, one of the family members who [...]