20 Years Later

 In Intervention / Carefrontations / Scott and Jenny Graham

A few days ago I received a call from a family that I helped twenty years ago. The intervention was successful, and the father had passed away sober. Now, one of the family members who participated in her fathers intervention was in need of an intervention 20 years later. Tomorrow is the preparation, and Friday will be the intervention. Treatment has been secured, the team is in place, and tomorrow my job is to help the team take all their love, care, and concern, and to help them write it in a letter in such a way the identified patient can receive it, and ultimately say yes to help. This family is unique in that they put this together in three days. Normally families drag their feet and take too long to put the intervention together. It still amazes me that people take so long to do something. Substance abuse combined with mental health disorders are the fifth leading cause of death yet it’s the only life threatening problem that we as a people negotiate over when and how we’ll deal with it, and we minimize and downplay the severity of the problem.This leaves people day after day to suffer longer, and from my opinion needlessly. I hope to change this dilemma by continuing to press people to do whatever they can sooner verses later.

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