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  • Call to secure an admissions date with the treatment center or detox to secure a bed as an “INTERVENTION ADMISSION”.
  • Call Carefrontations toll Free at 844-588-3267 to confirm our availability to provide services on those dates.
  • Find significant people to your loved one for putting your intervention team together. Ask people who have truly cared for or respected your loved one, and vice versa. Invite people you trust to not say anything about the intervention to anyone. Have a sense of urgency. This can be a life and death situation. Don’t let obstacles or objections prevent your progress. Be assertive in organizing the intervention. The preparation and intervention date and schedule is primarily up to you first and foremost. To organize the entire team’s calendar is not your job.
  • Confirm a place and time to prepare the intervention team, away from your loved one. Some ideas are to meet in a quiet home or in a hotel suite for this six hour meeting.
  • Carefrontations will arrange travel plans for the interventionist and escort to treatment according to your preferences.
  • Block out enough time. Be sure the team understands the preparation can take up to six hours and the intervention on the next day can take almost two hours.
  • Ask each participant to review our website.
  • No one needs to prepare a letter in advance before the preparation session. We will accomplish everything at the preparation for the intervention. An exception would be a long distance participant who cannot make it to the preparation yet will be part of the intervention via phone or Skype. In this case, we will prepare them over the phone and by email.
  • Brainstorm about a location and reason to get in front of your loved one for the intervention. Somewhere other than where they live is preferred, but certainly not a necessity.
  • Be prepared for your loved one to act in a way or say something that might cause you or the team to second guess the decision to do a Carefrontation. They might suspect that something is happening to challenge them. Don’t be fooled by this. It is our experience that if you keep hoping things will change on their own, you’ll end up right back where you started, frustrated.
  • Reconfirm with the treatment center or detox to finalize any financial arrangements and your other admission criteria.
  • Please inform Carefrontations regarding your method for how Carefrontations will be paid. Let us know prior to your services so that your invoice can indicate check, wire transfer, cash, VISA or MasterCard accepted at the preparation meeting.